Hiring a ship is relatively easy in the Netherlands. Up to 14.99 meters in length, you namely don’t need a license. However, this doesn’t mean that you don't need any experience for a sailing yacht! On the contrary, you are responsible for the safety of everyone on board and when there is a strong wind you must still know what you can and cannot do. Therefore, always make sure you have a sufficient experienced skipper!



There is a variety of lessors of sailing yachts near where the CapCup is taking place. A random example is ‘Windkracht 5 zeilverhuur’ in Enkhuizen. You can just Google 'rent sailboat ijsselmeer' and you'll get more than enough options.



If you rent a ship for the first time and especially with an inexperienced crew, please pay attention to the following things:

  • Renting a ship is pricey, but if you share the rental price with all the crew members it will be okay. Make sure you have collected the money from every one of your crew before you pay the ship yourself. This prevents hassle afterwards and ensures that your crew also has the motivation to get involved. Remember to make sure the deposit is also paid up front by everyone. Returning money afterwards is easier than asking for more money.
  • If possible, get insurance for the time you’ve rented the yacht. Everyone can make a mistake and there is a risk that the boat will be damaged. This is not a big problem, but if the deposit of €1500 is suddenly not returned by the lessor, this can be a tedious cost item. Therefore, always get insurance to lower your own risk if possible (pay a little more to lower your own risk).
  • Make very clear agreements with your crew members about what you do in case of any damage, if you don’t get the deposit back or when you encounter other unforeseen costs. The fairest is to agree to share all unforeseen costs with all of the crew members (unless intentional or gross negligence). Write this down in an email for instance, so that there is no ambiguity afterwards.
  • Remember that you have to sail your ship from the rental location to the location of the CapCup (Medemblik). To be on time for the drinks on Friday evening, it is convenient to leave the house on Friday afternoon. In the morning you could work from home, if possible.
  • The following costs are to be expected: rent of the ship, insurance cost for lowering own risk, possible cleaning costs, diesel costs, port fees, registration fee CapCup and costs for grocery shopping.


These points of interest are tips. In no event shall the CapCup Committee be liable for any damage, injuries, et cetera. The skipper is always the person responsible on board. If you have any questions, just contact us, then we will help you.